Thai Smile Journey Calendar

Designed exclusively for Thai Smile Airways Regional airline company

Thai Smile came together in a collaboration with the Ketchalernsin Company to proudly bring to you The Thai Smile Journey 3D Calendar 2016. In the calendar, the airline features 12 of its best and exciting destinations each month. Together we found a fresh perspective to define what a calendar is and make a unique connection between people and their traveling experience. Your foldable journey is where you can enjoy making your own calendar by creating your own 3 dimensional world. Each month will represent one destination in which you can put on your table as a memorable souvenir. The Thai Smile Journey 3D Calendar 2016 is a gift worth sending and ultimately, exciting to receive.

Material : Paper
Package ( l x w x h) :  8.3” x 11.8” x 0.4"
Assembled Size ( l x w x h ) :
Product of Thailand