The wildlife Collection

Designed exclusively for WWF -Thailand

Elephants, known as nature’s gardeners are responsible for the continuous growth and vitality of jungles, their natural habitat. For centuries, these majestic creatures have been dispersing seeds and ensuring the continuous survival and diversification of the plant species there. However, in recent times their numbers have dwindled due to increased poaching. The Wildlife Collection was created as a token of gratitude from WWF to their supporters towards this cause.

Following the concept of foldable memories, this collection brings to its receivers the physical manifestation of a miniature of the elephant they saved. It comes with a background of the habitat where the WWF program takes place in Kui Buri national park, Thailand along with a pop-up label where you can write a name of your elephant.

Material : Paper
Package ( l x w) :  7” x 5”
Assembled size ( l x w x h ) :  1.7” x 2.3” x 4.5” 
Product of Thailand