The Story of PostcardCube


Established in 2012, Postcardcube started off with a great idea and an effective pitch to the Tourism Authority of Thailand. This kick-started it to what it has become today. The idea was a lightweight souvenir in the form of a postcard that you can fold up into a miniature statue that depicted some aspect of the Thai culture. Since then Postcardcube has produced numerous pieces with this in mind.

Although relatively young, Postcardcube is a fast-growing company with a competitive outlook. We continuously produce products for our own collection as well as for our partners. With our roots set in Bangkok, we have since expanded to branches in Phuket, Chiang Mai, Samui and many other areas in Thailand.

Great design can inspire others, it is after all what inspired us in the first place. With every line and detail, we emphasize the potential of design to express the beauty of our culture and to represent memories and experiences. It is extraordinary how design can bring all these aspects together to make connections possible regardless of distance and time. 

In Postcardcube we make it our business to produce premium souvenirs that make all these possible.

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Our design values

Postcardcube leverages on the idea of quality in foldable memories. We want to bring people together, to share experiences and also to share our culture in the simplest, most hassle-free possible manner. We aim to create keepsakes that emulate these characteristics and do justice to the memories created by each individual.

With our design concept we create physical symbols of memories, experiences and affection which visitors can take with them and send to their loved ones where ever they may be. 

We hope our products come to mean to you as much as it does to us.


(right to left)
Pongsakorn Ketprapakorn
Tharit  Ketprapakorn
Nuttasorn Ketprapakorn



The postcard collections involve transforming 2-dimensional planes into 3-dimensional keepsakes. It is inspired by the traditional Thai fish ornaments believed by the Thai people to bring good fortune and prosperity.  To make it, strips of palm leaves are weaved to form the 3-dimensional fish shapes. 

When our products are in their 2-dimensional form, they are compact and convenient to keep or send over  damage-free, allowing the receivers to have them in mint condition before assembling it into their final form.


The graphics we apply in our designs are an amalgamation of contemporary styles and traditional Thai art and patterns. All these are inspired by our experiences and the sights we see here in Thailand. 

As much as possible, we do our utmost best to keep traditions close whilst elevating them a touch of design. 


Quality is our focus. To us it is of utmost importance that our products are not only up to par but far exceed it. We believe in continuous improvement, the only direction to go is up and we aim to produce premium quality souvenirs that our customers will be proud to present to their loved ones. We perform stringent quality control measures that ensure each and every piece is perfect down to the very last detail.

Our designs go through an arduous journey of research and fine tuning before we finally settle on a collection. Whether it is in regards to the design or even the manufacturing process, quality and innovation is our passion.


Our products are paper-based, as such we understand that our manufacturing processes have an impact on the earth’s climate. Although we are still relatively new, we feel that it is never too early to take up our responsibility in ensuring we leave as little carbon footprint as we can on mother earth.

As in our other processes, the same passion goes into choosing manufacturers that share our values; and materials for our products. The paper we use in our products come from recycled materials. And this is just the first step, we believe we can do even more as we grow.